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Monday, October 29, 2012

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dr. Robert G. Travnicek recognized for service

Recognizing Brother (Dr.) Robert G. Travnicek, Kansas ‘59, for his "legendary service and dedication to public health" in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Mississippi State Medical Association recently presented Brother Travnicek with its Physician Award for Community Service. His extensive study and practice of both medicine and public health helped him not only survive but lead public health emergency preparedness and response to Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This recognition honors both active practice of medicine and community service above-and-beyond the call of duty.

Hurricane Katrina damage in Mississippi

Katrina slammed into Hancock County, Mississippi, early on a hot August morning in 2005, the worst natural disaster ever to strike the United States. The killer storm came as the costliest hurricane of the season and one of the five deadliest in U.S. history. Among recorded hurricanes, she’s the sixth strongest to have emerged from the Atlantic.

Katrina aimed directly at the six counties Travnicek oversees as director of the Coastal Plains Public Health District, a post he’s held since 1990. According to disaster response plans, he went early to the Harrison County Emergency Operations Center; he all but lived there for the next 60 days.

The fellow physician who proposed the award called the recognition overdue in light of Katrina but apt for "a long and illustrious medical career which has spanned nearly five decades. He is a man of highest character and deserves recognition of this prestigious award."

In crediting others, Travnicek personified the strengths of his public health career: team-building and cheerleading.

Accepting the award, he said, "This gives me a chance for the first time to publicly recognize at least three of the hundreds with whom I was teamed." He lauded George Schloegel, then president of Hancock Bank and now Mayor of the City of Gulfport, Gary Marchand, CEO of Gulfport Memorial Hospital, and "finally and particularly, my long-suffering wife who as a staff nurse was in a lockdown situation at Garden Park Hospital during the storm and for two days after."

Brother Travnicek’s selfless acts not only call to mind Acacia’s motto of Human Service, but also the words of our Preamble which remind us "to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the affairs of the community in which we reside."

We salute Brother Travnicek for exemplifying what it means to be an Acacian.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colorado Chapter forges ahead with groundbreaking new housing model

With an eye towards the future, the Colorado Chapter has broken ground on an ambitious new chapter housing project that keenly reflects current trends in collegiate housing. Nearly two years ago, alumni serving on the chapter’s housing corporation board envisioned a new model of fraternity living that will see the active chapter move from its 72-year old chapter house into a completely new apartment-style complex augmented by a state-of-the-art fraternity space.

Colorado Chapter redevelopment project

After conducting an exhaustive diligence process, the housing corporation board elected to work with experienced Boulder developers Michael Boyers & Brinkman Construction to develop the new complex. Consisting of two large residential buildings designed for modern student living, the facility is designed to be larger in scope than Acacia alone will occupy. Our brothers are granted rights of first refusal for all units, providing the chapter with as much space as necessary as the chapter grows. Through a joint venture, the entire complex is still under full ownership by the housing corporation board, and is operated under the terms of a "ground lease." The Plaza on Broadway is the first fraternity redevelopment in Boulder in over fifteen years.

The main chapter building includes 3,100 sq ft devoted to the exclusive use of Acacia brothers, including exceptional study facilities and social space. The impeccable space is designed to accommodate prominent guest speakers, hold educational seminars, and provide members with a supportive space for their academic pursuits. A large kitchen and dining area will provide members and guests with a central hub for dining and conversation, while the basement affords the chapter a place to watch sports, movies, and hold social functions. Additionally, the chapter has allocated space for a live-in residential advisor.

Adjacent residential units are commonly composed of four bedrooms and four baths, reflecting a "suite-style" living arrangement that colleges and universities are adopting nationwide. Each unit is afforded breathtaking views of the Flatiron mountains with a substantial balcony, a communal living room, and a kitchen outfitted with modern appliances.

955 Broadway demolition

To make way for the new facility, demolition of the old Acacia house at 955 Broadway took place on May 14, 2012, while alumni and actives witnessed the dramatic scene. The wrecking crew made short work of the art-deco style building that Acacians called home since 1940, and in a matter of only three hours, the facility was a pile of bricks and broken timber. With the site cleared and prepped, the official groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 14, and new construction followed suit at a fast and furious pace. The development is on track for an August 2013 opening, just in time for the fall semester at the University of Colorado.

The Colorado Chapter was re-chartered and named Best Young Chapter at the 56th Biennial Conclave in August 2010. The chapter was also awarded for Best Alumni Programming/Advisory at the 57th Biennial Conclave in 2012, in no small part due to the leadership of the housing corporation board during this redevelopment initiative.

This groundbreaking new housing project simultaneously reflects the Colorado Chapter’s progress since its 2008 re-founding and represesnts a great challenge and responsibility for its sustained success. For more information, visit the Colorado Chapter website at and the alumni website at

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2011-2012 AFF Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation awarded over 140 scholarships totaling $121,756 in the past year from chapter scholarship programs and the General Fund.

2011-2012 AFF Scholarship Recipients

Duncan McPherson Foundation Fraternityship – 7/29/11
Joel A. Zeni - Oregon State - $3,000

George F. Patterson, Jr. Foundation Scholarship – 7/29/11
Christopher D. Dolezal - Kansas State - $3,000

David J. Allen Scholarship 7/29/11
William Chu - Syracuse - $3,000

2011 Acacia Fraternity Foundation Scholarships – 7/29/11
Cameron A. K. Barber - Texas Tech - $1,000
Brian T. Biddle - St. Cloud - $1,000
Mason D. Grittman - Kansas State - $1,000
Nolan E. Hight - Texas Tech - $1,000
Sean C. Keenan - Nebraska - $1,000
Jerod K. Miles - Central Oklahoma - $1,000
Robert A. Zazac III – California University of Pennsylvania - $1,000

Emma C. Allen Memorial Scholarships – 7/29/11
Blasé J. Viti III - Indiana - $1,000
Nicholas M. Montanari – Washington State - $1,000
Zackary W. Morris – California - $1,000
Michael F. Smith – Indiana - $1,000

In addition to scholarships awarded at the international level, the Foundation also assists chapters administer their own scholarship accounts. The following scholarship recipients were recognized over the past year by their respective chapters:

Indiana Chapter Kyle P. Simcoe Memorial Scholarship – 1/26/12
Blasé J. Viti III РIndiana - $5,000

Iowa State Chapter Scholarships – 10/12/11
Dakota John Allen – Iowa State - $425
Samuel Michael Behrens – Iowa State - $425
Pavel I. Beresnev – Iowa State - $425
Ian Lawrence Bryant – Iowa State - $425
Paul Daniel Bundy – Iowa State - $225
Zachary Thomas Clarey – Iowa State - $225
Ryne Brooks Dittmer – Iowa State - $425
Andrew Darin Doherty – Iowa State - $3,972
Colton Wayne Fales – Iowa State - $225
Michael Lee Felderman – Iowa State - $425
Ben Michael Henke – Iowa State - $225
Carl Patrick Holst III – Iowa State - $225
Zachary Robert Jameson – Iowa State - $425
Derek Michael Joseph – Iowa State - $425
Ryan Scott Lohse – Iowa State - $225
William Andrew Mann – Iowa State - $225
Thomas Ray McGee – Iowa State - $3,972
John Edward Meyer – Iowa State - $1,225
Derek E. Robison – Iowa State - $425
Austin Jon Schlatter – Iowa State - $200
Benjamin John Schneider – Iowa State - $1,425
Daniel Aaron Schwartzstein – Iowa State - $425
Byron Douglas Smith – Iowa State - $425
Riley Benjamin Thiesfeld – Iowa State - $425
Clayton Andrew Van Ekeren – Iowa State - $225
Zachary Joseph Kenneth Walker – Iowa State - $425
Kevin Lester Wells – Iowa State - $225
Nathan Carl West – Iowa State - $225
Cole James Westphal – Iowa State - $225
Tyler James Zylstra – Iowa State - $425

Iowa State Chapter Scholarships – 1/3/12
Dakota John Allen – Iowa State - $225
Samuel Michael Behrens – Iowa State - $225
Pavel I. Beresnev – Iowa State - $225
Ian Lawrence Bryant – Iowa State - $225
Paul Daniel Bundy – Iowa State - $225
Zachary Thomas Clary – Iowa State - $225
Andrew Darin Doherty – Iowa State - $225
Colton Wayne Fales – Iowa State - $1,225
Michael Lee Felderman – Iowa State - $225
Ben Michael Henke – Iowa State - $1,225
Zachary Robert Jameson – Iowa State - $225
Tanner John Jaeger – Iowa State - $1,225
Addison Grand Kistler – Iowa State - $1,225
Nick Hans Kraus – Iowa State - $1,000
Ryan Scott Lohse – Iowa State - $1,225
Wicitra Mahotama – Iowa State - $1,000
William Andrew Mann – Iowa State - $1,225
Gabrial Jacob McCoy – Iowa State - $1,000
Thomas Ray McGee – Iowa State - $225
John Edward Meyer – Iowa State - $225
Derek E. Robison – Iowa State - $225
Benjamin John Schneider – Iowa State - $225
Daniel Aaron Schwartzstein – Iowa State - $225
Drew Kenneth Sherman – Iowa State - $1,000
Byron Douglas Smith – Iowa State - $225
Clayton Andrew Van Ekeren – Iowa State - $1,225
Robert James Vannoy – Iowa State - $1,225
Zachary Joseph Kenneth Walker – Iowa State - $225
Kevin Lester Wells – Iowa State - $225
Nathan Carl West – Iowa State - $225
Tyler James Zylstra – Iowa State - $225

Iowa State Chapter Scholarships – 3/6/12
Samuel Michael Behrens – Iowa State - $200
Pavel I. Beresnev – Iowa State - $200
Jacob Ryan Bergman – Iowa State - $200
Ian Lawrence Bryant – Iowa State - $200
Paul Daniel Bundy – Iowa State - $200
Tyler Joseph Cain – Iowa State - $200
Andrew Darin Doherty – Iowa State - $2,396
Colton Wayne Fales – Iowa State - $200
Michael Lee Felderman – Iowa State - $200
Ben Michael Henke – Iowa State - $200
Tanner John Jaeger – Iowa State - $200
Addison Grand Kistler – Iowa State - $200
Nick Hns Kraus – Iowa State - $200
Wicitra Mahotama – Iowa State - $200
Gabrial Jacob McCoy – Iowa State - $200
Thomas Ray McGee – Iowa State - $2,396
Derek E. Robison – Iowa State - $200
Austin Jon Schlatter – Iowa State - $200
Benjamin John Schneider – Iowa State - $200
Daniel Aaron Schwartzstein – Iowa State - $200
Drew Kenneth Sherman – Iowa State - $200
Byron Douglas Smith – Iowa State - $200
Carlton James Stripe – Iowa State - $200
Riley Benjamin Thiesfeld – Iowa State - $200
Clayton Andrew Van Ekeren – Iowa State - $200
Zachary Joseph Kenneth Walker – Iowa State - $200
Cole James Westphal – Iowa State - $225
Tyler James Zylstra – Iowa State - $225

Kansas State Chapter Alan John Trachsel Memorial Scholarships – 9/20/11
Jeddidiah Rogers Russell – Kansas State - $3,400
Brandon Edward Litch – Kansas State - $3,285
Sean Patrick Quinn – Kansas State - $1,000
Parker Hall – Kansas State - $500
Tyson Pettijohn – Kansas State - $500

Minnesota Chapter Donald H. Arvold Memorial Scholarships – 2/7/12
Justin D. Akins – St. Cloud State - $1,000
Steven D. Thomalla – St. Cloud State - $500
Robert V. Wills – St. Cloud State - $500

Oregon State Chapter Scholarships – 10/12/11
Hans Harold Nussbaum – Oregon State - $1,000
Nicholas Kagisano Coles – Oregon State - $1,000
Ian Andrew Harrison – Oregon State - $1,000
Taylor Dane Friesen – Oregon State - $1,000
Yonatan Israel Kallman – Oregon State - $1,000
Kyle Lee England – Oregon State - $1,000
Nicholas Tyler Nolan – Oregon State - $1,000
Sagar H. Rotithor – Oregon State - $1,000
Michael Alexander Trujillo – Oregon State - $1,000
Adam Kiyoshi Osmer – Oregon State - $1,000
Hoan Khai Le – Oregon State - $1,000
Keaton Timothy Johnson – Oregon State - $500

Oregon State Chapter Scholarships – 3/14/12
Joseph Martin Runde – Oregon State - $1,000
Riley William Protz – Oregon State - $1,000
Nicholas Steven Jude Aerne – Oregon State - $1,000
Alexander Fisher Lafranchi – Oregon State - $1,000
William Gordon Valiant – Oregon State - $1,000
Mahon Nick Khoshzaban – Oregon State - $1,000
Addison Joseph Pang – Oregon State - $1,000
Nathan Matthew Lazaroff – Oregon State - $1,000
Kasey Nobuyuki Munetake – Oregon State - $1,000
David Orion Shumway – Oregon State - $1,000

Penn State Chapter G.K. Nelson Scholarships – 10/12/11
Ryan Benjamin Altus – Penn State - $500
Jared Dennis Manley – Penn State - $500
Drew Kenneth Miller – Penn State - $500

Penn State Chapter Glenn C. Ream Scholarship – 10/12/11
Michael George Schrenk – Penn State - $250

Penn State Chapter W. Russell Scott Memorial Scholarship – 10/12/11
Ryan James Mead – Penn State - $1,000

Purdue Chapter Leonard E. Wood Chapter Advisor’s Scholarship – 11/14/11
J. Patrick Hathaway – Purdue - $1,200
Christopher Michael Jonas – Purdue - $1,200
Jordan Channing Wagner – Purdue - $1,200

Washington State Lester N. Liebel Cornerstones Scholarship – 2/7/12
Brian Stephen Claire – Washington State - $1,000

Thursday, August 16, 2012

57th Biennial Conclave

Brothers arrived in St. Louis on August 1, 2012 for four days of business and brotherhood at Acacia Fraternity’s 57th Biennial Conclave and Leadership Academy -- conducting the business of the fraternity, learning new skills to benefit our members and chapters, and strengthening the ties of friendship.

2012 Conclave delegation

The International Council -- the supreme judicial authority of Acacia Fraternity, and the Conclave delegation -- the official legislative body, had much official business to address. We reviewed the progress made over the previous two years and set the course for the coming biennium.

Membership Growth
The preceding biennium marked strong growth, with active membership of 1000+ men equaling our highest numbers in over a decade.

Current colonies include Michigan, Illinois State, and Trine University. Upcoming colonizations include Iowa (fall 2015) and, hopefully, Vermont. As always, there are a number of other universities that we are in early stages of communication with about colonizing. More news to follow as it becomes official.

Financial Health
The financial health of the fraternity improved greatly under the leadership of President Robert E. Roberson, Illinois Wesleyan ‘74, and International Treasurer Anthony D.J. Phillips, Carleton ‘06. Our accounts receivable diminished greatly, with many chapters working hard to address the debt saddled upon them by their predecessors.

The Conclave delegation, on the recommendation of the finance committee, voted to increase pledge fees from $70 to $85 and annual dues from $120 to $125. The cost of per capita liability insurance also increased from $165 to $175.

International Council meeting

Organization and Governance
A frequent topic of conversation -- and often confusion -- is that of governance and organizational structure among the international fraternity, alumni associations, housing corporation boards, and active membership. Common issues include housing, taxation, donations, and scholarships. In order to resolve these questions and provide increased continuity across generations of leadership, a new task force led by International Counselor Brian S. Downs, Central Oklahoma ‘99, and International Second Vice President Jeremy N. Davis, Iowa State ‘00, will address these issues.

Membership Education
Cornerstones, the Membership Development Program of Acacia Fraternity, still a relatively young program at six years, continues to evolve and have a greater impact on our active members, chapters, and alumni.

  • Our active membership is truly taking ownership of the program with the formation of the Undergraduate Cornerstones Task Force, led by brothers from several participating chapters. The UCTF is charged with creating programs to advance individual and chapter development.
  • Director of Membership Development Patrick W. McGovern, Indiana ‘99, has assembled a wealth of resources at to further the cause of lifelong learning. Learn more about Cornerstones.
  • The "Alumni Track" of Conclave continues to grow and provide our alumni members with new skills and expertise. This year’s highlight was programming that helps workplace managers understand how to best work with the millennial generation.
Director of Membership Development, Patrick McGovern

An area that the fraternity looks to improve over the next biennium is communications. The staff has added a full-time Director of Communications to the staff -- Michael Pastko, Purdue ‘04 -- to help lead this effort. We look to share existing resources more effectively, communicate more openly and regularly with our membership online, and assist chapters with their specific needs.

Our chapters continue to adopt ACACIAconnect, an online resource provided jointly by ChapterSpot and Acacia Headquarters. ACACIAconnect provides our chapters with an internal management & communications network and an easy-to-update public chapter website. Learn more about ACACIA connect.

Up for election at this Conclave were the positions of International First and Second Vice President, and both Undergraduate Counselor positions. After a close election, Acacia welcomed new International First Vice President Scott H. Meyer, St. Cloud State ‘89, to the Council. Running unopposed for his second term as International Second Vice President, we congratulate Jeremy N. Davis, Iowa State ‘00, on his election. Five strong candidates ran for the position of Undergraduate Counselor, with the delegation electing brothers George "Chip" A. Ray, Penn State ‘10, and Joel A. Zeni, Oregon State ‘10. All officers were sworn in during the final Conclave banquet and are anxious to contribute their time and effort to Acacia.

Undergraduate Counselors swearing into office

Featured Programs and Entertainment
Conclave attendees enjoyed numerous featured programs and events this year:

On Wednesday, August 1, attendees enjoyed the comedy hypnotism of Brother Doug G. MacCraw, Nebraska ‘86. Brother MacCraw’s show had Acacians laughing non-stop and set the stage for a great week. You can book Brother MacCraw for your recruitment events or corporate outings -

Thursday’s featured program, part of the John F. Hoffner Leadership Series, was "The Young and the Restless: A Millennial’s Guide to Success." Jeffrey Hiller of Job Bound explored the difference between work attitudes and preferences among various generations, while helping actives get ready to enter the workforce after graduation. Jeff later presented, "Dude, What’s my Job?" to our alumni attendees which provided a perspective on managing millennials in the workforce.

In supporting our motto of Human Service, dozens of Acacians donated blood to support the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center on Friday afternoon. Our donations to the blood center will help almost 100 people in need of blood this year.

Brothers donating blood

"How Do You Want to be Remembered?" was the question posed by Friday’s speaker, Kent Stock. Kent’s story of following your passion, always having a Plan B, and being conscious about your interactions had an impact on all who attended.

Friday evening, dozens of Acacians braved the intense heat and humidity at Busch Stadium to watch the St. Louis Cardinals take on division rival Milwaukee Brewers. After falling behind 3-0 early in the game, St. Louis erased the deficit to take the game 9-3. A second group of brothers chose to visit the the City Museum. We also welcomed local alumni to join us for the George F. Patterson Society alumni reception.

Brothers at the Cardinals game

On Saturday, featured speaker Andrew McCrea presented, "Losing to Win: The Leadership Paradox" as part of the speaking program sponsored by the International Council of Acacia Fraternity. Andrew illustrated that sometimes the direction you are heading is 180 degrees from where you thought you’d be, and how to adapt to changing circumstances.

Banquets, Scholarships, and Awards

On Friday, August 3, 2012, the entire delegation enjoyed the William A. Utic Acacia Fraternity Foundation Scholarship Banquet, recently named in recognition of the tireless service of William A. Utic, Cornell '74, to the AFF. The banquet was Brother Utic by its namesake as part of the Dr. Irving M. Field Lectureship Series. Through the generous support of the AFF, numerous scholarships were awarded to deserving undergraduate members (winners to be posted online later).

Brothers at the William A. Utic AFF Scholarship Banquet

Also awarded during the AFF Scholarship Banquet were the Spirit of Excellence awards, earned by chapters for excellence in specific areas of chapter operations.

G.K. Nelson Academic Programming - Iowa State, Kansas State
Alumni Programming/Advisory - Illinois, Colorado, Kansas State
Best Publication - Iowa State, California (PA)
Athletic Achievement - Penn State
Campus Leadership - Kansas State, California (PA)
Chapter Programming/Membership Education - Kansas State
Communication Technology - Illinois Wesleyan, Kansas State
Dining Operations - Nebraska
Financial Operations - Kansas State, Iowa State
Good of the Fraternity - Ohio, Iowa State
House Management - Wisconsin, St. Cloud State
Human Service - Oregon State, Penn State, Ohio
Membership Recruitment - Ohio, Penn State
Officer Organization - Syracuse
Pledge Education - Ohio State, Texas
Ritual Exemplification - Illinois Wesleyan
Risk Management - Nebraska

Final Banquet and Awards & Honors

The 57th Biennial Conclave Final Banquet was held on Saturday, August 4, 2012. A formal dinner was enjoyed by all in attendance, with brothers of all generations joining to celebrate our Acacia experience together. The fraternity awarded high individual honors, additional chapter recognitions, and our highest chapter awards.

Founders’ Achievement Awards

Kansas State Chapter Malcolm Award (best chapter of the biennium) - Kansas State

Iowa State Chapter Superior Chapter - Iowa State

Penn State Chapter Outstanding Chapter - Penn State

George F. Patterson Outstanding Alumnus Award
Brothers Mel Rapp and Ron Hopkins Melvin W. Rapp, Illinois ‘49
Ronald T. Hopkins, Syracuse ‘69
(also pictured: Executive Director Keith M. Bushey, Indiana '86)

Award of Merit
Brothers Rob Mickam and Jeremy Davis Jeremy N. Davis, Iowa State ‘00
Robert W. Mickam, Texas ‘85
Edward Cunnington, Minnesota ‘63 (not pictured)
Larry Forsland, Minnesota ‘61 (not pictured)
Lucas D. Shivers, Kansas State ‘01 (not pictured)
(also pictured: International President Robert E. Roberson, Illinois Wesleyan '74)

Roy C. Clark Award
Roy C. Clark Award Winners Justin M. M. Kaplan, Carleton ‘07
Michael S. Weber, Iowa State ‘06
Nicholas M. Montanari, Washington State ‘08
Joshua J. Gannon, Oregon State ‘07

Chapter Advisor of the Biennium
Cory S. Oakley, Ohio ‘94

Executive Director's Award (most improved chapter)
Illinois Wesleyan

President's Award (membership growth)

Best Young Chapter
Washington State

Most Man Miles Traveled to Conclave

Largest Conclave Delegation
Kansas State

Delegates on the hypotenuse

View more Conclave photos on Facebook.

The experience of attending Conclave cannot be expressed adequately on a blog, or even from the lips of the brothers that attend; however we can be sure that this year's Conclave benefitted our members in terms of: making connections with other chapters and brothers, gaining insight and wisdom, gaining a broader perspective of what it means to be an Acacian, and gaining a boost in motivation to return to campus life knowing that each member’s leadership matters and will make a difference. If you were unable to attend this year's Conclave, we’d love for you to join us in 2014. Stay tuned for official announcements.

Events like our biennial Conclave can only happen with your support and the gracious gifts of our donors. If you’d like to help ensure our members have access to invaluable programs like the ones listed above, please visit our Acacia Fraternity Foundation donations page to make a contribution. Consider giving to the Area of Greatest Need, Acacia Annual Fund, or Cornerstones Program, and your gift will make a real impact.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Follow Conclave 2012 online

Greetings from the Acacia HQ staff! We are excitedly making final preparations for our journey across the hot desert sands to our 57th biennial Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri (okay, the drive from Indianapolis to St. Louis is more like prairie than dessert, but it is going to be hot as Egypt for the duration of our stay - check out the five-day weather forecast).

Can't make it to St. Louis? Follow from home!
We invite Acacians from all over the world to join us online as brothers from across North America assemble in St. Louis to conduct the business of the fraternity and strengthen the ties of friendship.

Where we'll be sharing online:
And find updates right here on the Acacia blog.

Twitter users contribute with hashtag #Acacia12:
Are you on Twitter and attending Conclave? Or following from home? Use hashtag #Acacia12 so we can find and share your Tweets and pics. We'll put our favorites on Storify.

Thanks for following, and we'll see you in St. Louis!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pastko returns to headquarters staff

We are excited to announce the return of Michael Pastko, Purdue '04, to the Acacia Headquarters staff. Brother Pastko picks up where he left off in 2010, leading the fraternity's efforts in the digital world.

In his role, Michael oversees Acacia's efforts online, spanning from to social media to new initiatives, and provides technology, graphic design, and communications support to our chapters, headquarters staff, and Acacia Fraternity Foundation. With his primary responsibilities existing online, Michael is working remotely from Boulder, Colorado, and reporting directly to Keith Bushey, Executive Director.

Brother Pastko re-joins the staff after spending the last three years in the online and mobile technology industries, creating two startup companies with customers spanning North America and Europe. Michael previously served the fraternity beginning in 2007 as Co-Director of Membership Development before taking on the role of Director of Communications. He was awarded the Order of Pythagoras in 2008 and served as Venerable Dean of the Purdue Chapter as an undergraduate.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Acacia Fraternity Foundation Directors 2012 - 2015

Please refer to the following list of bios for those alumni brothers nominated to serve as Acacia Fraternity Foundation Directors for 2012 - 2015. 

To vote in the AFF Proxy Vote process, click on the following link to complete the online survey

John C. (Chip) Brueckman III

Cornell ’76. His career has been in marketing for Proctor and Gamble, Seven Up, Cadbury-Schweppes and most recently for the company that oversees the Texas state lottery. Sales, Merchandising, and Business Development Manager at GTECH, Inc. Resides in Plano, TX

Bryan W. Dowd
Morningside College ’02.  Treasurer of the Morningside Chapter 2002-2003.  Alumni Representative (Morningside College) for 2008 & 2010 Conclaves.  Currently Vice President of Commercial Banking & Treasury Management for First American Bank.  Resides in Fort Myers, FL.

Brian R. Durst

Wisconsin ’87.  Order of Pythagoras.  Current Vice President and Past President, Acacia Housing Corp of Wisconsin Chapter.  Founding Father, Wisconsin Chapter.   District Sales Manager, American Family Insurance.   Resides in Woodstock (Atlanta), GA.  

Amos D. Meyers, Jr.
Shippensburg ’66.  Founding member of Shippensburg chapter.  Member of the Acacia Fraternity Foundation Board of Directors, serving as chairman of the AFF Scholarship Committee.  Elementary classroom teacher and administrator (retired). Chairman, Hawaii County Transportation Commission.  Resides in Volcano, Hawaii.

Melvin W. (Mel) Rapp

Illinois ’49. Order of Pythagoras, Award of Merit.  Member of the Acacia Fraternity Foundation Board of Directors.  Managing director of Quality Chekd Dairies (retired).  Treasurer, Illinois Chapter House Corporation and Illinois Capital Campaign Committee.  Co-Chapter Advisor, Illinois chapter.  Resides in Wheaton, Illinois.

William M. (Bill) Riley, Jr.
Kansas State '60. Order of Pythagoras, Award of Merit. Currently serving as President of the Acacia Fraternity Foundation Board of Directors. President of The Pathfinder, Inc., retail outdoor clothing and equipment. Chairman of the National Trustee Council of the Nature Conservancy, Chairman of Colorado Association of Fund Raisers, CFRE, Board of Trustees Kansas United Methodist Foundation. Past president of Kansas 4-H Foundation and the Kansas State chapter alumni board. Resides in Manhattan, KS.

Richard S. (Rick) Rasmussen
California ’80. Order of Pythagoras.  Member of the Acacia Fraternity Foundation Board of Directors.  Director and Vice President of California Chapter House Corporation since 1982.  Venture Capital investor and member of Sand Hill Angels.  Silicon Valley trade commissioner for the Consulate General of Canada.  Former marketing vice president and general manager for C-Cube Microsystems, LSI Logic and other technology firms. Resides in San Jose, California.

Larry E. Schroeder
Georgia ’77. Order of Pythagoras, Award of Merit, George F. Patterson Award. Currently serving as Treasurer, Acacia Fraternity Foundation.  Software consultant, IBM DB2 Content Management.  Msonic Lodge, 32nd degree.  Resides in Cary, North Carolina.

Dewayne E. (Dewey) Ullsperger

Nebraska ’82. Order of Pythagoras, Award of Merit, George F. Patterson Award.  Vice president and chief actuary, United Healthcare.  Co-chair of the AFF New Century Campaign.  Currently serving as Vice-President, Acacia Fraternity Foundation.  Resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

William A.(Bill) Utic

Cornell, ‘74.  Order of Pythagoras, Award of Merit, George F. Patterson Award. Past President, Secretary/Treasurer of Acacia Fraternity Foundation and current member of Acacia Fraternity Foundation Board of Directors.  Past President, Director, California Chapter House Corporation; Presently, Manager of Corporate Real Estate for San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Company.  Resides in Fremont, California.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ChapterSpot / ACACIAconnect Demo Videos

In an effort to continue to provide relevant educational materials to our chapters, the team at ChapterSpot has hired another member that will be totally focused on educating chapters that have signed up for the service, which of course includes all Acacia Fraternity Chapters.

The videos, accessible at the link below, were created with a general ChapterSpot account, so it will not look exactly like ACACIAconnect, but it is very similar.

Communications Web Video:
Polls and Surveys:

Links specific to ACACIAconnect:
MyCornerstones function on ACACIAconnect:
Service Hours function on ACACIAconnect:

Please let Acacia Headquarters know if there are any other videos that would be helpful for you in learning about and demonstrating ACACIAconnect by emailing to

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